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      SparkPost Signals

      Signals enables businesses to predict and optimize email performance by unifying email delivery, analytics, and an industry-leading data footprint to find trends across industry and give you early warning of email issues before they impact business.

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      Predictive Email Health Score

      Proactively monitor the pulse of your email health. Our predictive model tracks more than 1 trillion message events across our industry-leading email network, including ISP responses, bounces, spam trap hits, and more. Signals provides email teams with real-time visibility into deliverability and performance issues, actionable delivery health alerts, and recommendations to optimize email engagement and performance.

      Engagement Insights

      Dig deep into differences in behavior between recipients that have recently engaged and those that haven’t opened your emails in a while. By understanding their engagement, unsubscribe, and spam complaint rates you can see how successful your mail is at re-engaging churned subscribers, analyze which cohorts drive your complaints, and peek into whether your mailing frequency is leading to unsubscribes.

      Spam Trap Monitoring

      Hitting spam traps has a strong negative impact on email performance. We have the industry’s broadest visibility across multiple commercial and non-commercial spam trap networks. Spam Trap Monitoring helps reduce risk and remedy problems before they cause sending outages. .

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